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1. WE DECREE the magnificent communicators are rising.

2. WE DECREE we are watchmen on the gates of our cities; no anti-Christ agendas.

3. WE DECREE the Ekklesia will prosper and wealth will be transferred.

4. WE DECREE a standard of righteousness will be seen in our land.

5. WE DECREE the favor of the Lord is growing on the body of Christ.

6. WE DECREE the Ekklesia will begin to rule its geographical areas for King Jesus.

7. WE DECREE that female leaders will now rise and be accepted for the gifts they bring to the body of Christ.

8. WE DECREE our lost harvests are being restored.

9. WE DECREE great leaders from the coming generation are rising to take their place in the King's Ekklesia.

10. WE DECREE break up, break out, break through, passover, and possess.

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