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Bits from Sunday's Sermon

It is very easy to attend church every Sunday, bring food to the church potlucks, volunteer in service; it is easy to do all the things that Christians are expected to do and not be a Christian. This is especially true if you were raised in the church from your childhood. Being trained from childhood on how to live a Christian life is a far cry from putting your faith in Christ for salvation. People can learn to do what is expected of them in church just as they learn to do what is expected of them at work. The question each one of us must ask of ourselves is this “Have I truly put my faith in Christ for salvation?” “Do I have an assurance that my sins are forgiven?” If you cannot say this for certain, then you need to get on your knees before almighty God and plead for his grace, mercy and forgiveness. Once you take this first step, and put your faith in Christ, then you can go in to doing what it takes to keep the faith all throughout your life.

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