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1. WE DECREE insight and revelation for our time is accelerating.

2. WE DECREE barrenness is broken and we are anointed to produce.

3. WE DECREE the watcher angels will communicate revelation and enlightenment to us.

4. WE DECREE God's cavalry will assist us to win great victories.

5. WE DECREE the portals open for angels to ascend and descend.

6. WE DECREE the chariots of fire are being activated by Holy Spirit to assist the Ekklesia and the new move of God.

7. WE DECREE the bar is raised and Holy Spirit is raising the anointing.

8. WE DECREE divisions of angel armies are based with, and work with, our apostolic hubs.

9. WE DECREE we are entering into God-planned seasons of spiritual whirlwinds.

10. WE DECREE break up, break out, break through, Passover, and possess.

This study is from Angel Armies On Assignment by Tim Sheets.

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