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Week 5 - Fruit of the Spirit - Questions for Chapter 13 & 14 - The Holy Spirit Prayer Study

Questions for Chapter 13 & 14 - The Holy Spirit Prayer Study

How wonderful for our world that every one of the fruits of the Spirit can be - should be - characteristic of every single Christian.

Chapter 13 - The filling of the Spirit may result in many different experiences in our lives. Ponder on the when, what, how and where you experienced a filling of the Spirit.

Chapter 14 - Billy Graham states on page 232, “Apart from the Word of God there will be no lasting spiritual growth of fruit bearing in our lives”. How can COSUMC better help you abide in Christ.

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Wow - looking back over Chapter 13 and reading my underlined sentences and notes in the margins I realized what a packed full chapter #13 is. I think it is appropriate for COSUMC that the first gift this chapter expounds on is healing. From the beginning of COS existence, healing has been one gift most members have experienced or seen happen. On the bottom of page 201, Billy Graham writes "Obviously, she was healed. But note that the healing came, not through someone who had the gift of healing, but through faith". Our Prayers and Squares ministry is a perfect example of this truth. Over 2000 quilts from the hands of faithful servants at COSUMC have been prayed ov…

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