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Inviting the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit - Activating God's Power in Your Life

By Billy Graham

50 Day Book and Prayer Study starts Monday, August 10th, at 6:30 pm via COSUMC Facebook or social distancing in Sanctuary. The Study runs August 10th through September 28th.

You Are Invited

Where: Monday Nights @ 6:30PM via COSUMC Facebook or social distancing in Sanctuary

Tuesday Nights - Bible Study with Mary Alice and others

Wednesday Nights - Prayer Hour with Mary Alice, Marcia and others

Sunday @ 3:00PM - Church Sanctuary for Classic Billy Graham Sermon

Or any day or night of the week via Study Post @

Watch for more news to follow about a Blog authored by Pastor Ken.

When: Beginning the week of August 10th

Please buy The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham and read three chapters each week.

Plan to watch the supporting Classic Billy Graham Sermons on Youtube

During the next 50 days, plan to connect with other study participants

What: Week #1 Read Chapters 1 - 3 and Watch The Holy Spirit and You! Sacramento, CA 1983

Week #2 Read Chapters 4 - 6 and Watch How to Get to Heaven

Week #3 Read Chapters 7 - 9 and Watch Conscience

Catch up Week - Tuesday, September 1st through Monday, September 7th - Labor Day Break

Week #4 Read Chapters 10 - 12 and Watch Power of a Positive No

Week #5 Read Chapters 13 - 15 and Watch Choices We Make

Week #6 - Read Chapters 16 - 18 and Watch Is The Handwriting on the Wall

Who: Chris Ulvin @ Mary Alice Grossman @

Pastor Ken Gardner @

Monday Nights Aug. 17th, Aug. 24th, Aug. 31st , Sept. 14th, Sept. 21st , and Sept. 28th Those comfortable gathering with social distancing are welcome to join group discussion @ 6:30PM in Sanctuary - These discussions will be live streamed on Facebook.

Sunday Afternoons - Aug. 16th, Aug. 23rd, Aug. 30th , Sept. 13th, Sept. 20th, and Sept. 27th COSUMC will stream Billy Graham Sermons on Sanctuary Screen @ 3:00PM.

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Amen. December 31, 2021 has come and gone. COSUMC blog continues thanks to Mary Alice. COSUMC sent Pastor Tim off to Texas and welcomed Pastor Tom from Tujunga. The Holy Spirit continues to abide with COSUMC as our church doors remain open and God's word is preached from our pulpit. Prayer is our purpose.

The Wesley Covenant Prayer for COSUMC

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Yearend blessings to all following COSUMC church blog. Last night (December 21st when news of the Christmas Star was on everyone's phone) we concluded our Knowing God Monday Night Facebook Live broadcast with the Stations of the Nativity. Now Christ Our Savior UMC looks toward 2021 and waits. As I wait, I plan to read through the Bible. I will be using The God of Your Story by Brian Hardin. My goal is to use this church blog as my accountability tool by commenting weekly. I will return on December 31st, 2021 to this original post and marvel at the things that transpired in the year - praising God for all. Amen.


Hi Robert - I have no idea if you or anyone else will ever find this comment but since I sent you my copy of book The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham and told you about this blog, I wanted to welcome you to the "second layer" study of this book. Please feel free to comment on the questions - do watch the classic sermons - please pass your copy of the book on to a third layer - and may all who the Holy Spirit connects through this outreach be blessed. Amen.

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