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Week Two - Knowing God - Chapters 3 & 4 - Study Questions

Chapter 3 - Knowing and Being Known

1. What does it mean to know someone? What does it mean to know God?

2. What four things does the activity of knowing God involve?

3. Why is the fact that God knows us more important than the fact that we know God?

Chapter 4 - The Only True God

1. To what principle does the second commandment point us? On page 44, how

does Packer apply this principle to Christians?

2. What is the positive purpose of the second commandment?

3. Packer summarizes: “All manmade images of God, whether molten or mental, are really borrowings from the stock-in-trade of a sinful and ungodly world, and are bound therefore to be out of accord with God’s own holy Word.” Do you agree? If so, what in Packer’s argument convinces you? If not, explain why.

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