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Week 5 - Love, Joy, Peace - Chapter 15 Question - The Holy Spirit Prayer Study

Chapter 15 Question - The Holy Spirit Prayer Study

The first cluster of Holy Spirit fruit - Love, Joy and Peace - speak of our Godward relationship. What new understanding of your Godward relationship did you realize while reading Chapter 15 or the entire book?

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Just completed a workshop titled When the Remnant Goes of the Grid. The qoute that stands out is this: First, realize that the government, the official established church, or both acting together, may

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Hi COSUMC - Stan and I are back from our 43rd Wedding Anniversary Trip to the 43rd state to enter the Union - Idaho - and God's beautiful creation is alive and well in Yellowstone. The Yellowstone Fire of 1988 is one for the record books - just like California 2020 fires - but we saw no scars on the landscape. And neither did the record settings crowds that were visiting. One thing we didn't see was 5G internet, so I will try and catch up with our Holy Spirit Study before Monday night.

I enjoyed the final chapters of this book. I hope I can always remember the three "clusters" of fruit and how they speak of a Godwar…

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