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1. WE DECREE Messiah the breaker is going before us and we will break through.

2. WE DECREE doors to new opportunity are breaking open.

3. WE DECREE our prayers are hitting the mark.

4. WE DECREE that when the King comes in, everything changes.

5. WE DECREE dreams and visions are connecting to their moment.

6. WE DECREE that we are being anointed to prevail.

7. WE DECREE inheritance in new ways and at new levels.

8. WE DECREE suddenlies of Holy Spirit are breaking out around the world.

9. WE DECREE every strategy of hell will backfire.

10. WE DECREE break up, break out, break through, passover, and possess.

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Thank you church for praying today. Several prayed in the Sanctuary which had to be a Holy Spirit thing as two women showed up at 10 AM for Worship and were able to meet and join the Prayer Warriors at COSUMC. Others walked the perimeter of the church. Us walking experienced an Angel on Assignment as Carole caught her foot on the asphalt and said "she was holding on to her walker for dear life". Thank you Lord for protecting Carole and keeping her from falling.

The decree I especially liked today is #3 - may our prayers be hitting the mark. May our prayer exercise continuing for 10 more weeks be pleasing to God. May the Holy Spirit he…

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