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The 12 Days of Christmas - The Feast of the Nativity Dec 25, 2021

This is Christmas Day, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as Emmanuel, God with us! But Christmastide is a season that lasts 12 days.

Like Advent, there's no one right way to commemorate these 12 days -- but after 4 weeks of waiting expectantly, it's a delight to finally celebrate Christmas. So watch movies, enjoy outings, bake, drink, and feast. Keep your decorations up through January 5, 2022. You've waited and waited -- there's no reason to quickly pack up the season.

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Good morning church family - yes, we've waited during Advent and completed many traditions and started some new ones, like this daily blog study. Our new pastor brought back a familiar Christmas Eve candle lighting ceremony where we all lit and held a candle from the Christ Candle. A twist for me was when Pastor Tom first extinguished the candles of hope, love, joy and peace (as electric lights in the Sanctuary were turned off is stages too) as he retold man's stories - Abram, Moses, David and Mary = where the Light could have been extinguished but it wasn't. The Christ candle illuminated brightly in the shadows. Emmanuel - God with us. Christ won. Praise be to God.


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