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The Holy Spirit 50 Day Prayer Study Questions - Week 1

Chapter One: Jesus says “Believers will not be left alone”. Do you believe this?

List some examples when you have experienced this truth.

Chapter Two: The Bible says the Holy Spirit came because He has work to do in the world, in the church and in the individual Christian. What examples that Billy Graham gave to support this fact did you most appreciate? What personal observations have you witnessed that support the truth that the Holy Spirit is working in the world, the church and in you?

Chapter Three: Billy Graham opens this chapter with a story about TNT. What dynamite have you experienced from The New Testament?

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Just completed a workshop titled When the Remnant Goes of the Grid. The qoute that stands out is this: First, realize that the government, the official established church, or both acting together, may

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Eating with
Eating with
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Thank you for being yyou

Mi piace

Sunday Morning Blessings - Week One of The Holy Spirit 50 Day Study is recorded in the book of COSUMC history - which makes my answer to the question from Chapter Three of Billy Graham's book The Holy Spirit even more like TNT.

God's history in the New Testament doesn't just flow on the linear timeline of our physical earth but instead, God's word in the Bible explodes to every point in a sphere. And I am one of those points. As were all those who came before me and all those who will come after.

I use a daily devotional to ignite my morning prayers. Jesus Calling and Grace By The Moment are two I remember immediately and …

Mi piace

Saturday morning blessings to all. I will attempt to give my answer to the question from Chapter 2 - When the Holy Spirit Has Come - what personal observations have I witnessed that the Holy Spirit is working in the world, the church and in me?

Might as well start with me. I truly invite you to reply to my comment and let me know if I am on the right track. On page 32 Billy Graham quoted 1 Cor. 6:19, saying the Holy Spirit is in [me] you. I don't remember experiencing this before Stan and I started attending church, but now when we are in social gatherings and the conversation goes "secular", either the speaker or someone e…

Mi piace

Hi - if you are reading this comment, then you are joining me in the COSUMC 50 Day Study on The Holy Spirit and I pray that you will be blessed abundantly for your faith, commitment, and prayers in the next 49 days. Amen.

So do I believe Jesus never leaves His followers (believers)? Yes and double YES! Six years ago when Christ Our Savior UMC had our loved pastor - Tom Hower - forced into retirement by our Conference, the COS congregation used a then current book by Pastor Mark Batterson titled The Circle Maker to help focus our prayers on scriptures. Prayers for a replacement pastor who believed the Bible is authoritative, God's binding revelation to us. …

Mi piace
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