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The Holy Spirit 50 Day Prayer Study - Week Three Questions

Chapter 7 - The Christian’s Inner Struggle

John Wesley’s most widely remembered controversy is over the doctrine of Sanctification. On page 97, Billy Graham mentions “progressive sanctification” happens to one as they progress in the Christian life. What are your thoughts on sanctification after reading this chapter?

Chapter 8 - The Fullness of the Spirit

The following is a prayer from the great Welsh Revival

Fill me, Holy Spirit, fill me,

More than fullness I would know:

I am smallest of Thy vessels,

Yet, I much can overflow.

Billy Graham concludes Chapter 8 with his statement “I am convinced that to be filled with the Spirit is not an option but a necessity. It is indispensable for the abundance of life and for fruitful service”.

What life and fruitful service do you pray for Christ Our Savior United Methodist Church? For retiring Pastor Ken and his family? For yourself?

Chapter 9 - How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Billy Graham believes the New Testament teaches that how to be filled with the Holy Spirit can be summarized in three terms: Understanding, Submission and Walking by Faith. Has your fillings of the Holy Spirit fallen into one of more of these terms? Share a testimony to support your answer.

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