Week #4 - Knowing God - The Majesty of God, Chapter 8 Questions



To appreciate the majesty of God.


1. How does the Bible use the word majesty? How does this contrast with modern thoughts of God?

2. When we stress that God is personal, what must we be sure we do not communicate?

3. What “twin truths” about God are impressed upon us in the opening chapters of Genesis? Through what events is each one emphasized?

4. What two steps must we take to form a right idea of God’s greatness?

5. On pages 85-86, Packer discusses Psalm 139 as an example of what the first step involves. How does this psalm highlight God’s presence? his knowledge? his power?

6. In Isaiah 40, to what powerful forces is God compared? What is the nature of these comparisons? How do these comparisons affect you personally?

7. What three questions does Isaiah ask to the downcast Israelites? What does each question rebuke? What can we do to be guiltless of each rebuke?

Optional: Read dramatically Job 38-41. How does God reveal his majesty? What effect does this have on Job (42:1-6)?


What have you learned about the majesty of God? How should this affect your worship? your moral decisions? your prayer life?

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