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Week #5 - Knowing God Study Questions - Chapter 9



To appreciate and find comfort in God’s wisdom.


1. What is wisdom?

2. Why is God “utterly worthy of our fullest trust”?

3. What do many people mistakenly take to be God’s goal in the world?

4. What is God’s ultimate goal?

5. What are his immediate goals?

6. Why is the Lord Jesus central in the fulfillment of each part of God’s purpose?

Packer discusses God’s wisdom in dealing with three men: Abraham, Jacob and Joseph.

7. What was Abraham like when God began to work with him? What was his greatest need? What were the characteristics of Abraham “the man of God”?

8. In what ways did Jacob need to be changed? How did God change him?

9. For what “double purpose” did Joseph suffer?

10. What are some of the reasons for which God allows us to endure hardship? Which of these have you experienced? Give examples.

11. Why is it important that a Christian trust God?

12. How should we meet trying situations when we can’t see God’s purpose in them?

13. In what ways is Paul’s attitude a model for us?

Optional: Share changes God has brought about in your life. How has he done this?


How is God’s wisdom shown in his dealings with human beings? How can our confidence in God’s wisdom be a comfort to us?

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