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Off The Grid

Just completed a workshop titled When the Remnant Goes of the Grid. The qoute that stands out is this: First, realize that the government, the official established church, or both acting together, may

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My answer to Chapter 11 question is going to be an exposition on points I underlined in the chapter and notes I wrote in the margins. So here I go:

On the top of page 161, I wrote "I wonder about all the aborted babies" in response to Billy Graham's final point at the end of "Gifts And The Body" - And if any one of us is missing, the body is incomplete, lacking some part. I encourage all to attend A Celebration of Life Church Service on Friday, September 25th @ JetHawks Stadium - gates open at 5:30PM - featuring Abby Johnson, author of the film Unplanned. I believe Abby Johnson has biblical charisma - "a gift of ho…

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