1. WE DECREE Holy Spirit is leading another campaign, greater then Acts 2, for King Jesus.

2. WE DECREE the purpose and plans for this New Era cannot be reversed. It is immutable.

3. WE DECREE the strongholds of hell will be broken and iniquitous roots will dry up. It is immutable.

4. WE DECREE the divisions of angel armies are aligning with the assignments of Holy Spirit.

5. WE DECREE angel armies are on assignment.

6. WE DECREE the keystone has been raised and the support structure for a New Era Pentecost is in place.

7. WE DECREE a mega outpouring of the Holy Spirit has begun.

8. WE DECREE there is no crisis in the natural realm that can stop this move of God.

9. WE DECREE the greatest days in church history are not in our past; they are in our present and in our future.

10. WE DECREE break up, break out, break through, passover, and possess.

This study is from Angel Armies On Assignment by Tim Sheets.

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