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1. WE DECREE an innumerable number of angels are activating to assist us.

2. WE DECREE we are now leaving training time for reigning time.

3. WE DECREE the Ekklesia will now deploy.

4. WE DECREE power from Heaven is anointing us to see signs, wonders, miracles, and great harvest.

5. WE DECREE the roots of hell will wither and die.

6. WE DECREE the greatest surge of the Kingdom of God overcoming the kingdom of darkness.

7. WE DECREE His presence will surge and be manifestly real.

8. WE DECREE Holy Spirit empowerment and guidance.

9. WE DECREE Holy Spirit and His angels are delivering us from confinement.

10. WE DECREE break up, break out, break through, Passover, and possess.

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Sunday morning blessings to followers of Christ. How hopeful is the truth that God sends innumerable angels to assist us. I give thanks for all the pastors who have served at Christ Our Savior as they have trained us in the Word of God. Praise God that our current pastor, Tom Kendall, boldly preaches from the Bible. May Christ Our Savior church always reign in the heart of Quartz Hill and be a sanctuary for God's children.

I must admit Ekklesia is a word I did not know. Tim Sheets explains Ekklesia is a spiritual legislating body ruling and reigning with King Jesus, in His name. How I pray the Holy Spirit is present in all the legislative bo…

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