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Off The Grid

Just completed a workshop titled When the Remnant Goes of the Grid. The qoute that stands out is this: First, realize that the government, the official established church, or both acting together, may


Sunday Greetings - I was curious what Pastor Chuck Missler taught on Revelation Chapter 4 as I saw a You Tube video on how the new Facebook - Meta - comes from the Greek word Meta tauta (after this) and Chapter 4 begins with this word. An hour and 16 minutes is a long time to sit at a computer and listen but I did glean some new understanding of God's word which I am thankful for. Two points Pastor Missler made that will help me with my goal of reading through the Bible in a year is:

There is nothing in the Bible that is a mistake, Every detail written has a God purpose. As I read Ezekiel, …


Blessed All Saints Eve - I'm back to posting on our church blog. The fast approaching Season of Advent is what got my attention back to reading The God of Your Story. So may I be successful in Apostle Paul's prayer for the church - "finish well" - as I set my sights on December 31st, And having just watched the shortest teaching video by Chuck Missler (0n Philemon), I don't believe God expects us to ever really finish but rather be with Jesus yesterday, today and an eternity of tomorrows. And just as it took over 35 minutes for Pastor Chuck Missler to teach on the Book of Philemon which is only One Chapter of Twenty Five verses…

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