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The 12 Days of Christmas - Eve of the Epiphany Jan 5, 2022

Also called "Twelfth night," this is the last day of Christmas and the day before Epiphany. Historically, feasts and evening parties were held on this day through-out villages (and many cultures still hold theses traditions presently). During these parties, roles in society were often reversed, with servants being served by the nobles. Sometimes a coin or dried bean was baked into a rich king's cake, and whoever found the coin or bean in their slice was lord or lady of the evening.

Today, January 5 is still a fantastic excuse for hosting an evening party with friends to celebrate the finale of Christmastide.

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63 years ago, my mom gave birth to twin boys on January 5th. I doubt my mom was thinking about the 12 Days of Christmas or Three Kings Day. I do know us five kids would have loved King's Cake. The first time I learned that The Twelfth Day of Christmas was a reason for a party was when our daughter was in high school band and a fellow band mate invited our family to join her family's traditional party. It was great. We all brought "white elephant" gifts to exchange. Enough time had passed since exhausting Christmas week and school had not yet started so the mood of the party was relaxed and peaceful. I wonder if peace…

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