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The 12 Days of Christmas - The Feast of Epiphany Jan 6, 2022

Epiphany, the feast commemorating the arrival of the Magi to Jesus, follows the 12 days of Christmastide. These wise men were not Jews, and though we don't know exactly why they were looking for the Jewish Messiah, we read that they were led to him by the light of a star (Matthew 2:1-11). Their arrival reminds us that Christ's Incarnation is for the whole world and that we can all find him when we follow the light.

This is a common day for taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning out some of the clutter. It's also a good day to pray a blessing over your house for the coming year, asking God to make your home a haven for all who enter. Just as Christ came to dwell with us, you can pray that those who walk through your door find Christ at home with you and invite him to be at home in their own lives.

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