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Week #10 - Knowing God Study Questions - Thou Our Guide - Chapter 20



To learn how God guides Christians.


1. Why is guidance a chronic problem to many Christians? Do you feel anxious about knowing God’s will?

2. List the two foundation facts upon which our confidence in divine guidance rests.

3. What are some examples of divine guidance in the Bible? What are some biblical promises that God will guide?

4. What other “lines of biblical truth” confirm that God will guide (pp. 232-33)?

5. What is the basic mistake Christians make about guidance? What is the root of this mistake?

6. How does God guide his people?

7. What is God’s work in “vocational” choices? What mistakes can quench the Spirit as he undertakes this work? What specific steps can we take to make sure we avoid each of these pitfalls?

8. If we step out in faith and trouble comes, how should we react? What are the main examples Packer cites on pages 239-41 to demonstrate that those who are following God may experience hardship?

9. If we take the wrong way, is the damage irrevocable? Why can we be sure it is not?

10. On pages 241-42, what essential truth about God’s guidance does Packer stress? How is this a comfort to you personally?

Optional: What are the two distinctive features of “vocational choices”? How does Hannah Whitall Smith ridicule the habit of regarding every choice as “vocational”?


How does God guide? How will knowing this affect your life?

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