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Week #2 - Knowing God by J.I. Packer - Chapters 3 and 4

Packer writes in Chapter 4 that “Images dishonor God, for they obscure His glory”. Packer says “thus it appears the positive force of the second commandment is that it compels us to take our thoughts of God from his own holy Word, and from no other source whatsoever”.

Hugh Ross came to his Christian faith by reading the Bible. Please watch this week’s recommended video sermon. Dr. Hugh Ross Conference Weekend Session 3 Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Christ

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We need God's help - that is the message I took away from watching Dr. Hugh Ross just this morning. Some other points I took away from this video and hope to keep in my heart are: the Cosmos demonstrates through observable science that there is a transcendent God who became a personal, loving God in order to be a redeeming God; and this was done before the creation of the universe, outside of space and time. That the unimaginable fine tuning that was necessary for the universe to welcome the existence of humans and currently protects us from the dark energy that is expanding across the space surface is what keeps atheists awake at night and allows me …

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