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Week #3 - Knowing God - Chapters 5 & 6 Study Questions

Congratulations - You are 1/3 through reading Knowing God. Please ponder the following questions from Chapter 5 & 6.

Chapter 5 - God Incarnate

1. The baby born at Bethlehem was God. How does the apostle John structure the prologue to his Gospel to make clear what the title Son of God means? What seven things does he tell us about the Word who became flesh?

2. Why is the Incarnation the supreme mystery of the gospel? What effects should being aware of the Incarnation have on each of us?

3. What, in your own words, is “the Christmas spirit”? How is the church today failing to exhibit it? What are some specific actions you could perform to manifest the Christmas spirit?

Chapter 6 - He Shall Testify

1. What does the Old Testament have to say about God’s Word and God’s Spirit?

2. Read Romans 8:1-30. Ponder the relationship a Christian should have to the Holy Spirit. In your own words, testify why you are a Christian.

3. What is the work of the Holy Spirit? Why is it important?

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