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Welcome Back to The Holy Spirit Prayer Study - Week #4 - Chapters 10 through 12

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Blessed Labor Day - 2020 - Welcome Back to The Holy Spirit Prayer Study - Week #4 - Chapters 10 through 12 - September 7th to 14th

Chapter 10 Question:

Billy Graham states on the top of page 149 that the “unpardonable sin involves the total and irrevocable rejection of Jesus Christ.” Have you heard this before? And if so, how was this sin explained to you?

Leaving Chapter 10 on an upbeat note, Billy Graham quotes from an unknown source “Open to Him as the Incomer;Please Him as the Indweller; Obey Him as he Outgoer in His testimony of the things concerning Christ, whether through yourself or others.”

Please share a story of how you have experienced the Holy Spirit as an Incomer, Indweller, and Outgoer.

Chapter 11 Question:

Billy Graham encourages readers to pray that God will guide you to know your spiritual gifts. After reading about the assortment of gifts in both Chapter 11 and 12, did you identify one or more gifts that you trust God has given you, given your spouse or family members, and given your church family?

Chapter 12 Question:

Wisdom, Faith, Discernment, Helps, and Leadership are the gifts Billy Graham explains in this chapter. Which of these gifts would you like more of? How would you nurture your increased gifts, to improve them as you use them?

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