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Knowing the Bible 101 - Chapter 2

Video: R.C. Sproul: How to Study the Bible Questions for Reflection and Discussion 1.      You've read the benefits of reading the Bible.  What influe

Knowing the Bible 101 - Chapter 1

Here is a link to the table of contents and an excerpt of the first chapter of the book Knowing the Bible 101. Video:

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Summer is here! I don't remember ever saying or feeling "I can't wait for summer school" but I am feeling that today in 2024. And what would not have been a cool thing for me to say back in 1964 I am saying today, "Come with me to summer school!".

I didn't get past the first page of Knowing the Bible 101 before underlining "And really, how can such an old book be relevant to you now?" The Bible is relevant to me now because over my past 30 years of reading the Bible, the authors of old always speak to my real time experiences. Being in a discussion (life school) group has always been a better way for…

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